Games Shirts Music

Want to meet the guys at Checkpoint Clothing, buy yourself a rags-to-riches Millenium Athlete t-shirt, AND enjoy some good music ALL at the same time?

This Friday, April 24th 2009, the boys over at Checkpoint Clothing will be selling some of their swagger in downtown Bryan at the Stafford Main Street venue; featuring the witty rock-R&B songwriter Dave Barnes along side acoustic indie sensations Philip Murtaugh.

Throughout the course of the show CC will conduct interviews with members of each set on their opinion on gaming. Simple stuff such as “what’s your favorite video game” or “what was your favorite gaming system growing up”. Keep an eye out for a few off-the-wall questions you wouldn’t quite expect. Who said gamers can’t be artistically inclined?

Show starts at 7:00pm, visit the Stafford Main Street website for maps and directions.

Can’t make it out to the venue? Support us and shop online.

Check back here next week for results from the interview!





~ by Walsfer on April 23, 2009.

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