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If you haven’t seen a commercial for Brutal Legend, you obviously haven’t been watching much television recently. Normally I do not usually play games based solely on air time. It seems most over-hyped games fall way short of where many would like to see them land. Needless to say, Brutal Legend cannot be thrown in with these games. Themed on Heavy Metal music, this game caters to anyone who loves metal. Do not be afraid! Even if you do not fancy Heavy Metal, the story and game play are sure to keep you interested.

Story      9/10

The game starts by introducing the main character, Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black), who is the roadie of a “metal” band. A member of the band starts showboating on top of a stage piece. Eddie is forced to step in and save the band member, however as a result he is crushed by the falling stage piece. He wakes up in a “hellish” place, and the story begins…  While the story is intriguing in itself, comedy helps break up the monotony one often finds in most games.  The Metal theme carries through the game, destroying emo kids becomes common place as the game progresses. While quite intriguing and very funny, the main story is short. Playing on “brutal” (hard) difficulty, the main story line took roughly eleven hours to complete.

Sound     10/10

Sound, is where this game takes the cake. The voice acting is simply incredible. It is quite possibly the best voice acting I’ve ever seen in a game. Numerous artists compose the game’s soundtrack. There are older metal songs, as well as a few from more current years. With over 100 metal tracks from original artists such as ozzy osbourne, Motley Crue, Megadeath, and Tenacious D, you won’t be listening to the same song repeatedly (unless of course you choose so). One of the first things I noticed was songs, and sound effects seem to “skip”.  Since the story of Brutal Legend is on a vinyl record (Jack Black enters a record store before the main menu, and shows a record-Brutal Legend), the sound sometimes skips. Anyone who has ever listened to records can attest to this happening at one time or another.  I thought that this was an ingenious inclusion by the staff at double fine.

Graphics    8/10

Graphics are about average in my opinion, and what I’ve come to expect out of most games. The graphics could have been improved, however I feel that this would have dramatically affected load times when entering a different area of the map. Texture-wise Brutal Legend excels. This is the first time I’ve seen the ridges and pitting that naturally occurs in human skin on video game characters. This may be hard to notice on smaller TV sets, but is clearly visible during cut scenes.

Gameplay    7/10

Brutal Legend is hard to classify. It has elements from many different game types. Somehow it manages to integrate these almost flawlessly. Almost.  RTS- The bulk of the main story line is in this fashion. Simple commands allow you to create troops, and position them at your will. While many console RTS games are clunky and very awkward to manage, Brutal Legend takes a simpler stance. Many of the classic functions are available, but designed in a format that is far more console friendly than any of its predecessors. Action- While RTS, you may choose to take your character directly into the fight and smash some emo kids for yourself. Simple combos and a limited number of upgradeable moves (and weapons) hold this area back in some aspects, however new integration of units should keep you happy until you finish the story. Driving/Racing-Side quests allow for racing challenges, and driving is the main method of transport in game. Numerous upgrades for the vehicle (including weapons) made this the most enjoyable aspect of the game for me. That being said, when using the handbrake to pull U-turns is the only time in the game when I found myself fighting the camera angle.


Multiplayer follows the form of the main story line, offering RTS gameplay against others. “Fans” are gathered the same as the solo game. Players also have the option of choosing from the three main factions from the single player. Trueskill is used to measure ranks. Not much else to say here other than RTS fans will rejoice in this aspect of the game as matches tend to be short, but fun.

Overall 8.5/10

Brutal Legend is truly original; from the storyline to the sounds Metal enthusiasts rejoice! Never have I laughed so hard playing a video game. Brutal Legend is at the very least worth a rent to try out. *throws up the horns*

~ by Walsfer on October 15, 2009.

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