Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 review


The year’s most anticipated game has finally reached store shelves. Needless to say, the public welcomed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with open arms. First day sales are estimated at 4.7 million copies with a cash value upwards of $310 million. Do you have your copy yet? No? Then allow me to break the game down for you.

Story 7/10

Taking place five years after the events of the first game, Modern Warfare 2 is staged all over the globe. The campaign itself is fairly short, and takes between five to six hours to complete depending on the difficulty level. It plays like a great action film. Most missions are very intense. From stealth missions, to snowmobile chases, to all out war on an airplane junkyard, this game has it all. Intense missions are separated at intervals with slower missions to allow for a smoother play through. Difficulty does not progressively increase in MW2 like most games. Obviously they do not thrust you into the action without the obligatory tutorial, but some early missions are harder than some later missions. The difficulty is fairly cohesive which allows for fairly non frustrating game play. **Please note that I intentionally left out any information regarding the story. I feel that because it is so short, if I were to give any information, there would surely be spoilers.**

Sound 8/10

The sound is done well. Dramatic pieces are placed strategically and allow the gamer to be immersed in each scenario. Successfully done, but not over the top.


Graphics 9/10

The graphics in MW2 are superb. I have yet to see a texture that does not immediately load. The cinematics of the campaign are simply amazing. Dramatic music only adds to the graphics. Simply WIN. The graphics of multiplayer are the same as campaign play; featuring richly detailed levels with a high level of interactivity. The backdrops of many campaign levels are quite intricate and give the feeling of being on the field of battle. The character models are what keep me from scoring graphics any higher. Facial features are quite possibly the hardest part to get right on character models. MW2 gets close; however I feel that they appear to be a bit on the goofy side. This argument, while true, may be nitpicking on my part.

Game play 10/10

Game play must be broken into its respective components for this game because the different modes do not play the same. As such, multiplayer will be addressed in its own section. Spec. Ops. (a series of challenges you can play alone or with a friend) and campaign play the same way. Auto aim is traded in for quick scoping. If you center your gun near an enemy then look down your sights, the gun will automatically move to where it is centered on that enemy. This allows for quick target acquisition and dispersion of multiple targets fairly quickly. A diverse array of weapons may be found, many of which are used by military forces across the globe today. Campaign features frequent checkpoints that keep you from pulling your hair out on higher difficulties. Using the surroundings to your advantage will make the campaign much easier. It is also wise to stay in formation with your squad as they will draw fire and provide support. Spec. Ops. Features many missions similar to those faced in campaign. These missions however, do not have checkpoints. They are also tweaked to provide a more challenging, but shorter, version. Two missions require a partner, however I advise grabbing a buddy when you tackle these because they get progressively harder the farther you get. By the time you reach the last set of missions, they are pretty tough.


Multiplayer 9/10

If you enjoyed previous COD multiplayer, you will love MW2. Game types include: Team Deathmatch, FFA, Capture the flag, Demolition (bomb arming and defense), 3rd person game types, as well as several others.  There are challenges like the previous Call of Duty games that you can complete to earn experience. Experience counts towards levels. Levels in turn unlock guns, perks (used to enhance a certain aspect of game play I.E. extra bullet damage), and explosives. Modern Warfare 2 offers an unseen level of customization. Titles and Emblems are unlockables that allow players to showcase their greatest gaming achievements. Furthermore, you may now choose between a wide list of killstreak rewards ranging from sentry guns to a nuke. There is a slight level of auto aim that was unseen in previous games. I believe that this was done to simplify game play for newer players. The auto aim is not as drastic as campaign, and does not water down play very much. Multiplayer maps are well built. Each map features strategic choke points, as well as an environment that is highly interactive. Cars or drums may be shot (which in turn explode) to kill nearby enemies. While multiplayer is extremely fun, there are a few reasons why it cannot currently score a 10. Firstly, party chat is not allowed in some playlists. This was done by Infinity Ward in an attempt to encourage team play. However good the intention, this is a mistake. Younger players (and some older) often fill game chat with annoying banter that forces me to mute everyone except the people I already know. Lastly, the matchmaking system is anything but graceful. When teaming up with multiple friends, players are frequently dropped. This forces everyone to leave the pre-game lobby to recover the lost teammate. Leaving pre-game lobbies even become an issue because the option to bring the whole party is not available.

Overall 9.3/10

CoD:MW2 is a game of monumental proportions. Combining awesome game play with graphics and sounds, this game offers the complete FPS package. Hopefully Infinity Ward will resolve the current issues with multiplayer, and make this a flawless game.


~ by Walsfer on November 16, 2009.

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