Turtle Beach X31 Headphones

This Christmas, I received a pair of Turtle Beach X31 headphones. When I opened this gift from “Santa” on Christmas morning, I was ecstatic. As soon as I plugged them into my Xbox, I was amazed with all the sounds that I never heard from my TV. For instance, I was walking through the bookstore on Terminal in COD: MW2 and I heard some music playing. I stopped for a moment to listen in awe, only to be shot by the enemy while I was distracted…

Gaming (6/10)

The Turtle Beach headphones are a must for the casual and hardcore gamer. Not only do they allow you to hear crazy sounds like I mentioned above, but I could even hear my enemy’s footsteps. Once I became used to the different sounds of the maps, I could easily determine the location of my enemy. The X31 headphones easily saved me from being knifed in Call of Duty multiple times. The only problem I found was that the microphone cord is very sensitive. I found that if it’s not plugged in tightly to your controller and headphones, it will occasionally cause static which can get pretty loud. Over time I haven’t noticed it as much, so I don’t tend to have as many problems. The microphone that is attached to the headphones is perfect for communicating with your friends. Unlike regular headsets for the 360, you don’t have to put this microphone in your mouth for people to actually hear you. Another plus is the separate controls for the volume of the mic. and your games. You can easily turn down the volume of your teammates and maintain the perfect sound quality of the game.

Comfort (8/10)

The X31’s are closed ear headphones that come with a surprising amount of comfort. The pads that cover the ears actually cover my ears, unlike most headphones that I have worn. This allows me to play for several hours without my ears hurting afterward.

Music (6/10

When testing the X31, I didn’t notice any particular performance improvements for listening to music. I tested them out by listening to several different stations on last.fm through the 360. I felt that my Skull Candy headphones I bought four years ago sounded relatively the same. Only real difference is the X31’ is better with acoustic music. A cool feature is the bass booster and stereo expander. These two functions can be turned on separately or at the same time to change the quality of the sound.

Battery life (5/10)

Regular batteries last around 3 to 5 day. I haven’t purchased any rechargeable batteries, but I will soon.


The X31 headphones are great for gaming. Even though the headphones do not include support for Dolby Digital, the use of the RF signal gives surprisingly great sound quality. These are well worth the $99 price tag.


~ by Walsfer on January 19, 2010.

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