The Great Flash Debate: Do Hardcore Gamers Care?

Unless you’re living under the gaming equivalent of a rock (mushroom?) you know there’s been a storm brewing between Apple and Adobe regarding Flash content on the iPhone OS. (Put simply, it’s not coming.)

What started off as a “relatively” harmless appeal to stability and battery life turned ugly when Apple, along with its preview of the new iPhone OS 4.0, revised its developer agreement to specifically disallow development outside of the iPhone’s core tools and languages.

Many took this as a shrewd cut at Adobe, whose Flash CS5 software (just released) comes packaged with a tool allowing Flash developers, who write some of our favorite casual games, to easily compile their wares into something the iPhone OS can understand.

Some argue it’s well within Apple’s right to control who develops what and how for its closed platform. Some argue technical issues surrounding the long-awaited multitasking feature available in OS 4.0 this summer. Most argue, however, that what Apple has done is deeply anticompetitive and downright cruel.

Since most of what Flash has to offer the iPhone comes in the way of gaming, this begs the question: if you’re a hardcore gamer, are you really missing out? Do Flash-based, or any other casual iPhone games truly matter in scope of your favorite console or PC game and, you know, real buttons? Won’t the already deluged App Store be flooded with even more junk?

We look forward to your thoughts.


~ by Walsfer on April 14, 2010.

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